Miss Jean Brodie’s Modestly Magnificent, Matriarchally Manipulative Springtime-for-Mussolini Movie Quiz


By Marilyn Ferdinand

Dennis Cozzalio is at it again with one of his famously fun film quizzes for the ages. As he has selected one of my favorite ogre school teachers to ask the questions, how could I not participate?

1) The classic movie moment everyone loves except me is

The “We’ll always have Paris” scene from Casablanca. I like it, but it is more a speech than a tender moment.


2) Favorite line of dialogue from a film noir.

That’s what noir is all about, the incredibly quotable lines. Well, I’ll pick one I like: “Match me, Sidney.” (Sweet Smell of Success)

3) Second favorite Hal Ashby film.

The Last Detail. Shampoo has a very slight edge because of Julie Christie’s hair.

4) Describe the moment when you first realized movies were directed as opposed to simply pieced together anonymously.

No idea.

5) Favorite film book.

At the moment, Issues in Feminist Film Criticism, edited by Patricia Erens.


6) Diana Sands or Vonetta McGee?

Vonetta McGee. She has an unforgettable face.

7) Most egregious gap in your viewing of films made in the past 10 years.

Recent films of Kathryn Bigelow, soon to be remedied.

8) Favorite line of dialogue from a comedy.

“The mayor of Canada possibly?” (Ruggles of Red Gap).


9) Second favorite Lloyd Bacon film.

So many films I haven’t seen. But Boy Meets Girl takes the second spot of the ones I have seen. Gotta go with Here Comes the Navy as #1.

10) Richard Burton or Roger Livesey?

Roger Livesey. On the whole, he made better films and an unforgettable Colonel Blimp.

11) Is there a movie you staunchly refuse to consider seeing? If so, why?

I’ll consider anything, but I can staunchly refuse to see a film anyway.

12) Favorite filmmaker collaboration.

Powell and Pressburger. None is better.

13) Most recently viewed movie on DVD/Blu-ray/theatrical.

Bye Bye Birdie (1995). Not very good, unfortunately.


14) Favorite line of dialogue from a horror movie.

From the 1931 Dracula: “Come here.” It’s not the line but how you say it that’s so much fun.

15) Second favorite Oliver Stone film.

Platoon. I like The Doors the best.

16) Eva Mendes or Raquel Welch?

Raquel Welch. I bought her yoga VHS tape, but I don’t own anything with Mendes in it.


 17) Favorite religious satire.

Nazarin (Luis Buñuel).

 18) Best Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block) 

I recently defended Armond White (yes, how did that happen?) in his defense of Seth MacFarlane throwing Hollywood’s tastelessness with regard to women back in the face of the Academy. It was a lively argument that needed to happen.

 19) Most pointless Internet movie argument? (question contributed by Tom Block)

Anything to do with “best” lists. It’s a pointless pitting of taste against taste.

20) Charles McGraw or Robert Ryan?

With apologies to my friend Alan K. Rode, Robert Ryan.


21) Favorite line of dialogue from a western.

From Shane: “Mother wants you. I know she does!” Something about it always gets me.

22) Second favorite Roy Del Ruth film.

Taxi! Thanks a Million is my favorite.

22) Relatively unknown film or filmmaker you’d most eagerly proselytize for.

Lebanese filmmaker Rania Stephan whose film The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni absolutely floored me. She’s an up-and-coming filmmaker whom I would gladly promote any hour of any day.


24) Ewan McGregor or Gerard Butler?

Ewan McGregor. I’ve been a fan for ages.

25) Is there such a thing as a perfect movie?

Is anything perfect?

26) Favorite movie location you’ve most recently had the occasion to actually visit.

San Francisco, two months ago. I even did the Vertigo tour.


27) Second favorite Delmer Daves film.

Dark Passage. Demetrius and the Gladiators is my favorite. I’m a sucker for sword & sandal movies. (Yes, I know I should have put up a picture of Bogey and Bacall, but isn’t this one much more fun?)

28) Name the one DVD commentary you wish you could hear that, for whatever reason, doesn’t actually exist.

Daisies. I need some help walking through parts of that one.


29) Gloria Grahame or Marie Windsor?

Very, very hard choice. Very slight edge to Marie Windsor because she made every low-budget film she was in so much better.

30) Name a filmmaker who never really lived up to the potential suggested by their early acclaim or success.

Lisa Cholodenko. Real tragedy about the the loss of truth in her films.

31) Is there a movie-based disagreement serious enough that it might cause you to reevaluate the basis of a romantic relationship or a friendship?

None of the usual arguments, like Pauline Kael dismissing anyone who does not love McCabe and Mrs. Miller. I would have to rethink relationships with people who enjoyed or cheered on rape scenes in movies.

  • Tinky spoke:
    10th/03/2013 to 1:46 pm

    This was fun and enlightening. Roger Livesey forever!

  • Marilyn spoke:
    10th/03/2013 to 1:50 pm

    Hi Tinky! Roger is doing surprisingly well with the other people who took this quiz. It warms my heart!

  • Kirk spoke:
    10th/03/2013 to 2:27 pm

    Actually, my favorite moment in Casablanca comes right after the “We’ll always have Paris” speech, when Renault covers for Rick –“round up the usual suspects”–and then both agree to join the Resistance. I feel that movie’s really about two idealists-pretending-to-be-cynics trying to figure out one another.

    Loved Livesey in Blimp.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    10th/03/2013 to 2:34 pm

    Kirk – I much prefer the bromance of Rick and Renault to any other pairing in the film.

  • Donna spoke:
    12th/03/2013 to 3:29 pm

    Roger is the man!

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