Blogathoners, Instructions to Avoid Heartbreak

We are only a few days away from the start of For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III, our worldwide Internet party to raise funds for the National Film Preservation Foundation. Our project this year is to pay for the online streaming and score recording of the Graham Cutts/Alfred Hitchcock film The White Shadow (1923), the lost-then-found film discovered in the New Zealand Film Archive.

To make this blogathon an enjoyable experience for all concerned, we’ve got a few instructions.

The blogathon starts on Sunday, May 13, 10:00 a.m. ET and ends on Friday, May 18, 10:00 p.m. ET. So, blog posts should go live some time during that week.

All blog posts MUST contain the donate link: If you don’t have the link on your post, it will not be included on the blogathon home page. Feel free to link behind the Donate button that can be found here.

We are doing something a little different this year with the home blogs to save wear and tear on the hosts: we will be rotating home pages.

The home blog on Sunday and Monday will be here at Ferdy on Films. Please let Marilyn know through the comments on the home post when your entry is up, and include the link to your post.

The home blog on Tuesday and Wednesday is Self-Styled Siren. Please let Farran know through the comments on the home post when your entry is up, and include the link to your post.

The home blog on Thursday and Friday is This Island Rod. Please let Rod know through the comments on the home post when your entry is up, and include the link to your post. Also note that Rod is in Australia and will likely be asleep during part of our North American day, so please be patient about having your links updated.

We thank each of you for doing your part for film preservation and hope you will use social media to spread the word about your own posts and the blogathon in general. The more people we reach, the better our chances of reaching our goal of $15,000.

  • Andrew Davies spoke:
    10th/05/2012 to 3:50 pm

    Hi. I just wanted to ask how you add the donate link to a blog post so it appears as that Hitchock icon. Thank you.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    10th/05/2012 to 9:21 pm

    Andrew – Upload the image and then link the donate link to it using your link command. If you get more than one image line of code, it might not work. So make sure you only have the img src=”… line. At the end of all the code put the close command for a herf=. That should work.

  • Greg Ferrara spoke:
    11th/05/2012 to 7:26 pm

    No problem. I shall link on Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule as instructed.

  • Aurora spoke:
    13th/05/2012 to 9:20 am

    Hi – My entry for the blogathon is posted at

    I’m thrilled to participate in any way. This is a great cause and I’ll be tweeting about it from the rafters. I hope you exceed your goal!


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