Tabloid (2010)

Director: Errol Morris

By Marilyn Ferdinand

In a press release for Sundance Selects, which has picked up his latest film for exhibition, Errol Morris is quoted as saying, “Tabloid is a return to my favorite genre—sick, sad, and funny—but of course, it’s more than that. It is a meditation on how we are shaped by the media and even more powerfully, by ourselves. Joyce is a woman profoundly influenced by her dreams and, in a sense, she was living in a movie long before she came to star in my film.”

I certainly think Morris conceptualizes his films with the intent of ascribing a larger sociological meaning to them, but I’m not always sure he does it before the fact. It seems to me that Morris is irresistibly attracted to self-justifying creeps and sideshow acts, intentionally looking for the oddities and monsters in society like a Diane Arbus crossed with P. T. Barnum. Like an actor who develops sympathy for an unlikeable character he must play, Morris assumes an emotional largesse toward his films’ stars that creates a self-justification for what he is doing. There was really no need for him to help Robert McNamara on his image-rehabilitation tour—anyone who saw the interview Charlie Rose did with McNamara shortly before the release of Morris’ Oscar-winning film The Fog of War (2003) saw the same act by the former Secretary of Defense as the one he put on for Morris. Perhaps the righting of a wrong he accomplished with his early film, The Thin Blue Line (1988), has been more of an albatross to him than anyone would care to think. Otherwise, he might feel free simply to indulge his curiosity without trying to ascribe more significance to it than that.

His latest found object is Joyce McKinney, who transfixed the British public in 1977 when her obsessive love for a Mormon named Kirk Anderson led her into trouble with the law and tabloid stardom. McKinney, a former beauty pageant contestant from North Carolina and a drama student, met Anderson in Salt Lake City when they were both 19 and says they fell deeply in love and wanted to marry. His parents disapproved of her, and one day, Kirk vanished into thin air, according to Joyce—she seemingly insists that he literally became a wisp of smoke, implying the evil cult powers of the Mormon Church. She moved to Los Angeles to make some money as a model so she could afford to hire a private detective. The P.I. traced Kirk to London, where he was doing his obligatory two-year missionary work. Plucky Joyce cajoled three men—one by wearing a see-through blouse without a bra—to come with her to find Kirk and deprogram him so that she could have her happy ending. Instead, Kirk accused her of kidnapping him, shackling him to a bed, and raping him repeatedly in a small cottage in Devonshire.

Despite the great many innovations Morris has brought to documentary filmmaking, including reenactments, the interrotron, and the perfection of the g-roll, he falls back heavily on talking heads to tell this story. He interviews two British journalists who were working on the story for rival newspapers—Peter Tory from the Daily Express and photojournalist Kent Gavin of the Daily Mirror—who approached the story once McKinney had jumped bail and fled back to the United States in quite different ways. Tory recounted McKinney’s various escape disguises, from dressing like a nun to pretending to be a deaf-mute, and pictured her as a lovably crazy woman in love, the woman who would “ski down Mt. Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose” if Anderson had asked her to. Gavin, on the other hand, got to Angeleno Steve Moskowitz, a man carrying a torch for McKinney, who revealed how Joyce allegedly made all the money she needed—pornography and prostitution. The rivalry certainly made for some interesting insights, but by now, revelations of ever-present paparazzi, nude photos in British tabloids, paying people for information, and such, isn’t exactly earthshaking information.

Visually, Morris enlivens the proceedings with animations that show McKinney’s movements in England. He bring in a young former Mormon who tries to give a psychological profile of Anderson and what he would have been feeling if he had, indeed, had premarital sex, but this is like offering an expert witness in a trial who has never met the victim. Morris inserts footage from old TV shows and movies, for example, showing Celia Johnson seeing Trevor Howard off from a train platform in Brief Encounter (1945) to parallel McKinney’s story of seeing Anderson off, expecting to meet him in London to be married, only to be arrested instead. These devices seem to be used for comic effect and to try to make a parallel between staged drama and McKinney’s real-life and largely self-created drama.

Of course, the star, Joyce McKinney is interviewed extensively. She has a flair for telling a story and knows how to turn a phrase. Referring to Anderson’s impotence (typed out in bold letters across the screen as she talks) at first, she says it’s like trying to “insert a marshmallow into a parking meter.” Her manic energy starts off charming and ends up making one want to bash one’s head against a wall; I imagine this is how the pretty, young Joyce had so many men running at her heels. The combination of pretty, sexy, and crazy is a potent aphrodisiac. It’s also extremely unpleasant to experience for any length of time, and despite Joyce’s apparent willingness to have anyone pay attention to her, consummate narcissist that she appears to be, the film borders on exploitation.

That Joyce is telling a string of lies, or maybe a lot of self-delusions mixed with lies, is almost certain, particularly when she denies the Mirror’s story on her L.A. past when it was in possession of almost 1,000 photos of her. Her hopeless romanticism seems a bit tragic, but her willingness to act on it is pretty scary. She claims to have remained celibate since her Devonshire “honeymoon” with Anderson. When the only love in her life after Kirk—her pit bull Booger—dies, she pays a South Korean scientist $150,000 to have him cloned. She briefly moves back into the spotlight for this action, but it does truly seem that she’ll be happiest on her own playing with Booger-McKinney, Booger-Lee, Booger-Ra, Booger-Hong, and Booger-Park, out of the public eye. Let’s hope she stays there.

  • Vanwall spoke:
    22nd/04/2011 to 3:21 pm

    Roger Zelazny once wrote in “Lord of Light” of the power of attraction to something distasteful, that one cannot stop doing: “A proud and arrogant man once was given to doing research on a certain disfiguring and degenerative disease. One day he contracted it himself. Since he had not developed a cure for the condition, he did take time out to regard himself in a mirror and say, ‘But on me, it does look good.'”

  • Marilyn spoke:
    22nd/04/2011 to 3:30 pm

    Good story, very appropriate. The film is funny and made with considerable skill, but again, I find that Morris has failed to make a point he says he wants to make. He’s actually too good a reporter, and not enough of a synthesizer, to elevate his films.

  • Sam Juliano spoke:
    22nd/04/2011 to 3:41 pm

    There are three Morris films that I rank as near-masterpieces: THE THIN BLUE LINE, THE GATES OF HEAVEN and A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. The former film may actually have entered that realm of supreme greatness, while GATES is one of the ten greatest films ever made according to Roger Ebert. I have been disatisfied with his last four films however, and suspect your issues with this new documentary (which I haven’t seen yet) will come to fruition. The fact that it’s heavily reliant on Talking Heads does not portend well, aside from your expertly-penned discussion. (including the rightful broaching of teh director’s obsession with sensationalism)

    I guess THE FOG OF WAR disappointed me most

  • Marilyn spoke:
    22nd/04/2011 to 3:50 pm

    And that’s the one that won the Oscar, Sam. If I hadn’t been told ad nauseum that Hollywood is a pinko liberal place, I might suspect that the film won because it showed sympathy for a pro-war wonk.

  • Shane spoke:
    23rd/04/2011 to 8:19 am

    To portend such great expectations early in his career how sad to see to see him reach the point where his efforts can be defined by one word, Tabloid.

  • truthteller spoke:
    6th/05/2011 to 5:56 am

    NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE: MARILYN FERDINAND; Consider this official notice that unless you remove the libelous, false, and defamatory statements that you wrote on Joyce McKinney, it will be turned over to her internet lawyers, Your domain will be easily traced and you will be sued. Your ignorance of her story wherein you were manipulated by Morris’ libelous film is appalling! First of all, Miss McKinney was never a prostitute. She was in reality a young innocent clean living girl–a virgin from a religious family, when she met her Mormon fiance. Furthermore, she was NEVER EVEN CHARGED with “Raping a man”. In England, according to Halsbury’s Statutes which states British law: A WOMAN CANNOT BE CHARGED WITH RAPING A MAN. Ms. McKinney was a beautiful blonde Miss Wyoming/ USA. Mr. Anderson was a 300 pound 6’5 inch overweight guy working at a Taco Bell when he fell in love with her, began chasing HER and asked her to marry him. She later fell in love with him too, because he was “so persistent and so sweet}. Moreover, it is NOT Joyce McKinney, but YOU who is LYING Marilyn ! The incident in England was a CULT RESCUE, and NOT a “Kidnapping” or a “Rape”. THAT IS THE STORY THE MORMON PR TEAMS GAVE THE PRESS TO COVER UP THE FACT THAT THEIR STREET RECRUITER WENT OFF WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND, WHICH IS FORBIDDEN. A MAJOR FACT that Morris (as well as you Marilyn) deliberately omit, since his chief purpose was to discredit Ms. McKinney and the Truth by omiting certain facts to make her appear guilty on behalf of his Mormon “employers”. {Is this the right word, for his UTAH distributors?} Morris also had access to a COURT DOCUMENT of a tape recorded phone conversation between her and her Mormon fiance wherein Kirk tells Joyce the Mormon cultists have had his passport and money in a safe, locked so he couldn’t get to them, and that the cult members were “watching him 24 hours a day”. KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS A COURT DOCUMENT. When referring to the cult, he indicates that they have him under mind control and he clearly
    states “They totally lead my thinking” and goes on to say that to even get away from them he will have to pretend to go across the street for the “doughnut” and then make a run for it. He obviously wan’t “kidnapped” and speaks of being in many public p;aces with his fiance, inside the tourist spot Trafalgar Square–an area which was filled with hundreds of people (and yes cops) and the crowded Hard Rock Cafe where they were eating when they the first headlines from the Mormon PRESS HOAX by reading TOGETHER as they sat at the restaurant table, what would be 34 years of hurtful FALSE libelous headlines propagated by Mormons and Mormon PR men! Do some research and get that from court records before you falsely accuse someone of a crime she never did. Regarding the film TABLOID: Errol Morris’ producers LIED to Miss McKinney and told her they would go to England to get court records to prove that she was never even charged with rape, and he KNEW she hadn’t raped a 300 pound Mormon, yet he STILL pushed for that theme in his defamatory film. “to make it more interesting”. He didn’t give a twit for the Truth. [Are you aware that he was sued by Randall Adams– the subject–or should we say VICTIM–of his picture ” Thin Blue Line?” He tried to steal his life story from HIM as well. And the citizens of Vernon Florida were so badly slandered and ridiculed by Errol Morris they were ready to form a lynch mob and go after him. He has made enemies in every film he has done. Why is it that people who deal with him HATE him for his trickery and incredulous dishonesty an inability to get to the facts? Research THAT Marilyn!] But back to the tape recorded telephone conversation which was a COURT DOCUMENT which proves Ms. McKinney’s innocence and the Mormon cult’s GUILT and COVER UP: Kirk tells her that he loves her and that he tried to tell cult leaders that, but they take him in rooms and bombard him with questions and keep saying “Don”t your realize what you’ve done?”
    [by falling in love and having a love tryst while on his mission] and that all they cared about was their multi million dollar Missionary Image. (They are not missionaries for Christ, but street recruiters to recruit new cult members who must give part of their income to the cult for life.] Are you aware that Morons teach that they will take over the US government and establish a New World Order with their own leaders at the helm? Your ignorance of the true facts about the British incident, and Mormonism,–99 percent of Miss McKinney’s story, –is appalling. YET YOU DIDN’T SAY ONE KIND OR POSITIVE WORD ABOUT HER IN YOUR WRITNG. If is also obvious you have never even met Ms. McKinney, the woman who you so maliciously SLANDER. You come across strongly as having some sort of personal grudge against her!- (known as “malicious intent’. in libel actions). Are you aware that saying a person commited a crime they were never charged with is CRIMINAL LIBEL and that you yourself can go to jail for THAT? Also, remove the pictures of Ms McKinney from your trashy website or she will also sue you for unauthorized use of photos. And this includes the altered one you reproduced and used of the phony nude wherein you tried to make your readers think that was actually her “naked”. Note the fact that there is no torso in the bizarre picture, and that her head is at an odd angle, with a line drawn where Ms. McKinney’s head appears super-imposed on someone else’s body. Also, Ms. McKinney has NEVER been either charged with or arrested for “Prostitution” a fact which she can verify if she takes liars like you and Morris and his tabloid cronies to court. By what you have said, she can sue you for slander and libel. You LIED about Ms. McKinney to your readers on many points. You also LIED about the demonic conniving dog walker who the Daily Mirror paid in 1978 to break into Ms McKinney’s apartment with his sleazy gal pal–a drug addict who had a criminal record for drugs and prostitution, The two phonies were bribed to steal photos from a large trunk and off her fireplace mantle,–for the DAILY MIRROR, who admitted being in cahoots with Mormon cultists trying to discredit her for the trial. (The Mirror’s goal was newspaper sales and the Mormon’s goal was to blacken her name so the jury would falsely “convict” her. by making it falsely appear that this virgin was a loose woman. Trying to influence a trial through press articles is highly illegal in England, and is known as SUBJUDICE. Because of this the British government never pursued her case. You OMITTED that major fact, we notice–which is a key element in Ms McKinney[s story, like the tape recorded conversation in the illegal phone tap by the Mormons which later became court evidence for her innocence and THEIR guilt!, Moreover, Ms. McKinney was never even CHARGED with rape! According to Halsbury’s Statute, the book on which British law is based, “a woman cannot be charged with raping a man”. KIrk Anderson was 300 pound 6’5; blonde former Miss Wyoming/USA Ms. McKinney was 112 pounds. Your purpose Marilyn IS TO HELP MORRIS AND HIS MORMON CRONIES DISCREDIT AND BLACKEN MS. MCKINNEY’S NAME AND HIDE THE TRUTH. Our question is, WHY? Are you a Mormon? Are you connected with Errol Morris, his PR people, or the Mormon cult or THEIR media people in any way? You obviously HAVE NEVER EVEN MET Ms McKinney OR interviewed her as you deliberately HIDE the true facts from your readers, choosing instead to repeat slander MORMON PR teams gave to their media contacts for years to destroy this woman’s life because she spoke out against their HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES of MINORITY groups and Mormon doctrine, as a Christian. Another libelous and appalling false a statement you make is something about her “wearing a see through blouse without a bra by three men”–something which never happened. If Ms. McKinney sues you for Slander, Libel, False Light, and Reckless Disregard for Truth, Unauthorized Use of Photos, and you will be required by the court to bring in those “three men”. How about it Marilyn, can you do that? You will also be required by the court to bring a CHARGE sheet saying Ms. McKinney was charged with RAPING A MAN. Since you can’t DO that, you are in trouble and will be subject to paying her damages, plus she can have you arrested for CRIMINAL LIBEL and you can be jailed. (Then you might not be so judgemental and arrogant!) Moreover you also LIED when you said she “jumped bail”. When Ms. McKinney learned that her apartment had been broken into by the street thugs the Daily Mirror hired, she was told that their illegal SUBJUDICE was so bad that she could not get a fair trial and that what they had done was not only a immoral act in America, with a burglary but highly illegal in England as SUBJUDICE. In other words, it is illegal in England to try a case in the press or to slander a defendant coming up for trial. In Ms. McKinney’s case, the case never went on to court because of this SUBJUDICE. And by the way, the only thing she was charged with (thanks to the ling Mormons) was “carrying him away in her car” (when they went out to eat and sightseeing.) Yet the Mormons lied to police and the press said he was “abducted”, which was not true, of course. In fact, with her fiance weighing in at 300 pounds, the petite 112 pound blonde couldn’t even lift his leg much less carry him away! As for your snide comments about why Ms. McKinney “had so many men running at her heels”. She only wanted one man and that was the man she loved. Kirk Anderson. As for the midget pilot in the film, he and the tabloid reporters are being sued for slander along with Errol Morris and the tabloid gooks who pretend they were a fly on the wall in Joyce and Kirk’s bedroom at the cottage. (We can assure you Kirk and Joyce were alone in their bed in front of a roaring fireplace, and in love–and they didn’t invite company!–and that includes tabloid reporters to record the event!) In fact tabloidite GAVIN the most hideous of those “interviewed” has never even MET JOYCE McKINNEY so how could he describe her and her fiance’s sex life as if he were “there”?) The midget pilot and tabloid gooks were all PAID cash by Errol Morris. Some “Documentarian” huh! He deserves no accolades for slandering this woman and trying to destroy her life by resurrecting her tabloid horror, nor do YOU Marilyn. Neither you nor Morris and his tabloid/Mormon cronies are telling the truth about Ms. McKinney, so you obviously have some connection with them. The midget pilot was a Billy Barty type midget who tried (unsuccessfully) to get Ms McKinney to go to dinner with him. Engaged and in love with Kirk (and quite frankly repulsed by the obnoxious little dwarf-man with a foul mouth) she refused–just like she did all men who asked her out because she was in love with Kirk and faithful to him. She had no interest at all in this midget pilot who had a dirty mind and a dirty mouth. She was so shocked when he said “I may be little but I got a big one” and grabbed his crotch. She was so disgusted by this creep that she did not even HIRE HIM as a pilot. Now 34 years later, he studies her story in the tabloids, then revengefully takes money from Morris, and tries to come across as an authority on The Joyce McKinney Story, which he is not and when his sorry tail is dragged into court and he will be solidly questioned in interrogatories and depositions as to how much Morris PAID him in cash to LIE on her, when he knew absolutely nothing about her love life with her fiance. THIS PREVARICATOR ALSO LIED IN THE FILM when he said she “went to dinner with him” as this jerk was DISGUSTING and she would never have dated a foul mouthed man like that even if she hadn’t been engaged as he simply wasn’t her type. it will be revealed that she never went to dinner and that he was a nobody in her life, yet his role is really blown up in Morris tabloid scenario. That kook was just another lustful male who was trying to look at a woman’s breasts. As for the former Mormon missionary’s former purpose for being in the film, he was trying to explain to UNINFORMED PEOPLE LIKE YOU MARILYN as well as anyone watching the film the GUILT Kirk would have laid on him when he got back to Mormon headquarters–to be screamed at by cult leaders and shunned by other members. For a Mormon street recruiter (which they erringly call “missionaries” even though they are missionaries to Mormonism, not Christ) is forbidden. They’re not even allowed to go in a room alone with a woman, in case they might have lust. And a Mormon leader Mark E. Peterson (who wrongfully calls himself an apostle) told Mormons (including Kirk) that in case of lust or emotional feelings , such as LOVE, to “Tie an arm to the bed”, or Hold a Book of Mormon firmly in hand and sing a Mormon song , or “Think of maggots crawling on a dead body when tempted to think of one’s girlfriend.” Marilyn, do you know what the word RESEARCH means? Why did you not research MORMON SEXUALITY on the internet orMormon “apostle” MARK E PETERSON’S rules against Masterbation or sex before you wrote your article? You have NO understanding of the pressure Kirk was under. You like Morris have NO concept of what Ms. McKinney’s story is about or her courage as a dissident to speak out against Mormonism and its human right’s abuses and un-Christian doctrine as well as cultic brainwashing of its members and control of their clothing, diet , and even their sex drives, YOUR IGNORANCE of your topic is showing Marilyn– as well as your failure to interview or even get a comment from the person you are writing about. But all that will come up in court when you are sued, won’t it? SO get to digging for that “rape charge sheet” girl, you are going to need it, as your tabloid yarns won’t be allowed in court, only FACTS. Also, you will be asked to produce a modeling release for all the pictures you used of her without her consent, and since you HAVE no release you are in deep trouble and will have to pay her DAMAGES–especially in light of the fact that you printed malicious stories in connection with the unauthorized photos. She also doesn’t like pictures of her cute puppies associated with kidnap and rape trash the you seem intent of spreading. It makes one wonder. Are you a Mormon? Or are you just Mormon connected? OR are you just another exploiter eager for a story on Ms. McKinney and willing to lie to get something in your column? Moreover, you slander her by saying she is a “sick” person and a “narcissist”! Are you a psychiatrist or a psychologist yourself Marilyn?Do you have ANY degrees in PSYCHOLOGY? How about degrees in journalism? you will have to bring these into court, since you have taken it on yourself to psycho-analyze Ms. McKinney without a medical license, and on the basis of a fictional, defamatory film, at that. Also, since you have stated that Ms. McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming/USA, was “a prostitute to get the money to go to England”, CRIMINAL LIBEL, and you will be sued for that. For your information, Ms. McKinney was injured in a car accident and got an insurance settlement which paid her way to England, along with her own savings, Not that her bank account is any of your business. But by you stating she got the money “through prostitution” –when she sues you, you will be required to bring to court a charge sheet saying she has been arrested for prostitution. Since she was a virgin, she could not have simultaneously have been a prostitute, and was thus never arrested for such, You will have to pay her damages. This column will also be produced in court as evidence of your malicious intent and libel. Also every LIE and false statement you have made will be exposed, including the one where you claim the tabloid reporter “has 1000 pictures of her”. In the film, the hoodlum pretends he does not have them.
    ….WHY? Because he knows he will be arrested as an accomplice to burglary. If he is in possession of stolen property (photographs stolen out of her home) and modeling portfolio (all clothed). Lastly, Are you even aware of how the deceptive Morris even got his “interview” with Miss McKinney? He sent out dishonest assistant to pretend to be “From Showtime Network doing a TV series on a paparazzi and how it disrupts peoples privacy.” One of them named Clearway LIED and said they would be interviewing many people for this TV series on Paparazzi.. At NO time was she told they were doing a movie or film on her. It was simply a deceptive ruse to trick her into giving them free footage without buying the rights to her famous story. And yes, they are being sued for over fifty million dollars. For while Errol Morris was interviewing her for a “TV series” which was non existent, using a “dummy” contract. his cronie named LIPSON and his pals were ransacking Ms. McKinney luggage which she saws them take into another room. They stole out of her luggage: A family photograph album of pictures belonging to her parents, two film treatments she had written herself and registered with the Writer’s Guild, family home movies for a court case of some barking dogs keeping her father awake next door, and even a memorabilia of collection of pictures for a book she was writing, pictures which she had collected for years to document the story. Penthouse magazine had offered her two million dollars for them and she turned it down because she was a Christian and wanted nothing to do with nudity orPenthouse modeling and she did not feel a CULT RESCUE story belonged in the pages of Penthouse. She wanted to write her memoires some day when she got over the pain of the 1977 incident, and as a mature elderly person, sort of like Old Rose looking back on her tragic lost love in The Titanic. Morris and Lipson did not want to pay for life rights, but they wanted money bad and the guess what Marilyn, a Mormon run distributor from out of Utah is BEHIND THIS CRUMMY CELULOID CATASTROPHE! Errol Morris is just another exploiter of Ms. McKinney and he is no better than the lying tabloids. Nor are YOU.
    But unless you want to pay a lawyer, you had better print the TRUTH and erase this slander, or you had better get your suit pressed as this is being turned over to her attornies so she can sue you for slander and you will be taken to court, not just to show how Errol Morris has poisoned people’s minds who are too dishonest to find out the FACTS, such as yourself) but in addition to show how HE has brought her up to public ridicule and hatred pa facet of libel action’; and YOU yourself will be sued individually along with anyone else saying she was “Charged with raping”a man or referring to a CULT rescue as a “kidnapping” or depicting her as a crazy hussy. She resents what you print and your incredulous appalling IGNORANCE and you WILL pay her damages. She has sued before and collected damages, and plans to sue each and every journalist who insinuates that she “kidnaps and raped her fiance”. The love she had for him is sacred , and she does not appreciate dishonest people like you making light of it. So print the truth, erase this garbage, or we will SEE YOU IN COURT one day!
    Oh yes, one last thing: Miss McKinney has not given up on her 34 year battle to clear her name from gossip spreaders like you and Errol Morris, and the tabloids. She is still working on her memoirs (your libelous article will be included simply to show how journalists lie) and she is looking for an HONEST production company, and producer, unlike the likes of Errol Morris and his cronies. Hopefully someone with unshakable thirst for Truth, to do a FEATURE film on her story which will probably win an Oscar. Studio development people from major Hollywood studios are calling her but she won’t sign with them unless they totally commit themselves to the TRUTH and nothing BUT the TRUTH. For Errol Morris’ silly sex comedy version (and
    yours, MARILYN) ain’t it! The real story of Mis McKinney’s battle with this business corporation which operates under the guise of a religion, [the Mormons] will affect every man woman and child in the United States. As for her being out of the public eye, that’s impossible, she has been mobbed and asked for autographs at every film premiere she attends, The audiences just love her because they see her sincerity and that she was falsely accused by Mormon sourced media nuts like you and the tabloids. So Marilyn, the audience believes JOYCE, not YOU and your ilk, andB ELIVES joyce and they are intelligent enough to know that it is JOYCE who is telling the truth, and NOT the tabloids/Mormons/ Morris crew. You also also slander her by stating that SHE is lying when instead it is SHE who is telling the truth and you manipulate and deliberately try to confuse your readers by trying to discredit her and make her appear a “liar”. One wonders why you are so vicious and malicious against a person YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET. Of course, if she sues you, that will come out in court, won”t it? Ms. McKinney and her family have been dealt severe emotional pain by this sick film, When the media began terrorizing them again and interrupting their quiet life (after so many years of trying to heal) and this trash film was announced, her mother attempted suicide and is now dying in a coma on life support due to it), and Joyce suffers emotional anguish every time someone like you slanders her by repeating libelous material in it or from any other defaming source, but YOU will pay for that suffering in court by paying her thousands of dollars in damages for your Deliberate Infliction of Emotional Distress. Better start saving your money, as you’ll need at least fifty thousand in attorney fees as well. OR you could just do the honest thing, admit you lied, print the truth along with your apology–but somehow we don’t think you’re honest enough to do that…

  • Marilyn spoke:
    6th/05/2011 to 7:18 am

    I’m a film reviewer. I’m reporting on a film and certainly had no intention of inflicting emotional harm on anyone. Joyce McKinney appeared with Errol Morris at screenings of the film and did Q&As, so I imagine she’s not too upset with him about what he made. If you really care about this depiction, you should go sue Morris, not me. I have no money.

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