Film Noir Love in Only Two Weeks!

By Marilyn Ferdinand

The excitement is building as we are only two weeks away from the For the Love of Film (Noir): The Film Preservation Blogathon! Farran and I are getting ready to link like there’s no tomorrow, and my blog partner Rod stands at the ready to work the WordPress Dashboard to take your calls, er, well you know what I mean.

We’ve got a dedicated donation link and commitments to write from

..Leonard Maltin of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy
..Tony Dayoub of Cinema Viewfinder
..Ed Howard of Only the Cinema
..Patricia Schneider at The Lady Eve’s Reel Life
..Vanwall Green at Vanwall’s Land
..Sam Juliano of Wonders in the Dark
..Joshua Ranger of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions
..Donna Hill at Strictly Vintage Hollywood
..Ben Kenigsberg at Time Out Chicago
..David Steece of Randomaniac
..Beth Ann Gallagher at Spellbound
..Peter Nellhaus at Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee
..Jacqueline Fitzgerald of Film Noir Blonde
..Bill Ryan at The Kind of Face You Hate
..Betty Jo Tucker of Reel Talk Movie Reviews
..R. D. Finch at The Movie Projector
..Peter Gutierrez at Tribeca
..Bob Fergusson at Allure
..Steve-O at Film Noir of the Week and Back Alley Noir
..Brian Darr at Hell on Frisco Bay
..DeeDee at Darkness to Light
..Hilary Barta at Limerwrecks
..Hedwig Van Driel at As Cool as a Fruit Stand
..Paula Vitaris at Paula’s Movie Page
..Jacqueline T. Lynch at Another Old Movie Blog
..Tinky Weisblat of In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens
..Doug Bonner at PostModern Joan
..Kevin Olson at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies
..Gareth at Gareth’s Movie Diary
..Meredith of Or Maybe Eisenstein Should Just Relax
..Java Bean Rush
..John Greco of Twenty-Four Frames
..Vince Keenan at
..Ivan G. Shreve of Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
..Darren at The Movie Blog
..Brandie of True Classics: The ABCs of Classic Film
..Mat Viola of Notes of a Film Fanatic
..Joe Thompson from The Pneumatic Rolling-Sphere Carrier Delusion
..Bill Wren of Piddleville
..Ms. Zebra of Germans Like Heavy Make-Up
..Bryce Wilson of Things That Don’t Suck
..Arthur S. at …this pig’s alley
..Gautam Valluri of The Broken Projector
..Christian Esquevin of Silver Screen Modiste
..Caroline Shapiro at Garbo Laughs
..Neil Sarver of The Bleeding Tree
.. John Weagly of Captain Spaulding on Skull Island
..Hind Mezaina of The Culturist
..Toby Roan of 50 Westerns from the 50s
..David Cairns of Shadowplay
..Craig Simpson of The Man from Porlock
..Edward Copeland on Film
..Laura of Laura’s Misc. Musings
..Machelle Allman of Venetian Blond
..Nicholas Pillai of Squeeze Gut Alley
..Ben Alpers, Ray Haberski, David Sehat, Tim Lacy, and Andrew Hartman of the U.S. Intellectual History Blog
..Adam Zanzie of Icebox Movies
..Ryan Kelly at Medfly Quarantine
..Mr. K of Mr. K’s Geek Cornucopia
..The Derelict at Libertas and Dereliction Row
..Noel Vera of Critic After Dark
..Michael Cusdin of Cinema Ramble
..Kristen Sales of Sales on Film
..Trish of I Wake Up Screaming
..Cathy Whitlock at Cinema Style
..R. Emmet Sweeney of Movie Morlocks
..Susan Doll of Facets
..Sean Axmaker and his cohorts at Parallax View and Videodrone
..Dr. Morbius of Krell Laboratories
..Jaime Christley of Unexamined Essentials
..Gordon D of Blog THIS, Pal!
..Kurt Norton and Paul Mariano of These Amazing Shadows Blog
..David Ehrenstein of Fablog
..Kim Morgan of Sunset Gun
..Glenn Kenny of Some Came Running
..Lou Lumenick of the New York Post
..Catherine Grant of Film Studies for Free
..Dennis Cozzalio of Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule
..The Zoe at Floating Zoetropes
..KC at Classic Movie Blog
..Ariel Schudson at Sinamatic Salve-ation
..Rob at Starts Thursday
..Mk Rath of Project Ehmkay Ultra
..Christa Faust of Deadlier than the Male
..Emma at All About My Movies

More and more bloggers are answering the call; please be one of them and tell us “I’m there” in the comments here, at The Self-Styled Siren, or on our Facebook fan page.

Eddie Muller, the president of the organization we’re funding, the Film Noir Foundation, has been touting the blogathon all through the very successful NOIR CITY 9, which just concluded in San Francisco, and he is promising something very special for our event. He’s pulled together some great raffle prizes, too: full set of all nine NOIR CITY posters, the brand-new deluxe DVD edition of The Prowler; a DVD documentary on Eddie called The Czar of Noir and featuring his short film with Marsha Hunt, The Grand Inquisitor; a set of all 3 NOIR CITY SENTINEL annuals; programs from NOIR CITY 8 and 9; and an autographed copy of Eddie’s first novel The Distance. We’ve also got an original drawing of Lloyd Bridges being done exclusively for our blogathon by renowned illustrator Steve Brodner and a signed and framed art photo of some of the old, unrestored Castro Theater seats from Donna Hill of Strictly Vintage Hollywood by noted photographer R. A. McBride. And we’re working on a few more.

The most exciting new offering we have is a commercial for the blogathon from Greg Ferrara of Cinema Styles, who provided the great banner ads for the blogathon that I’ve seen far and wide across the blogosphere. Please feel free to embed the ad on your site or link to it. Greg’s really outdone himself this year.

You can read all the detail at the Siren’s place, and I encourage you to do so so you’ll be ready to roll. For the Love of Film (Noir), let’s make this the biggest event online!

  • Kalli Meisler spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 8:56 am

    Please post your information on our main Facebook page,!/NewYorkFilmAcademySchoolofFilmandActing
    would love to promote your activities.

  • Vanwall spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 10:16 am

    Match me, sweetheart. Just look for me in the shadows – I’ll be there, babe, with bells on. Funeral bells.

  • Tinky spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 10:48 am

    I’m with you, ladies. I’m not a noir girl, but I’ll do my best–and OF COURSE I’ll have a recipe!

    I adore the trailer.

  • Doug Bonner spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 11:56 am

    I’ll be posting, while on the road in Korea, with a piece on Edgar G.Ulmer’s CLUB HAVANA (1945). Wouldn’t miss it!

  • Kevin J. Olson spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 11:59 am


    I’m definitely in; I feel bad for taking this long to let you know that. I have loaded up my queue with some Ida Lupino films as well as one of my favorite noirs, Abraham Polansky’s Force of Evil. I may try to sneak in something like Scarlet Street, too. We’ll see. I’m excited to contribute something this year. I’ll be putting the banner up on my blog today.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 12:12 pm

    Thanks, everyone! It’s going to be fun!

  • Sam Juliano spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 3:41 pm

    This is great and exciting news Marilyn! I’ll be monitoring all this closely!

  • DeeDee spoke:
    1st/02/2011 to 4:14 pm

    Hi! Marilyn and Sam Juliano…
    If all goes according to plan…I hope to participate again this year…I really like Greg Ferrara’s film noir video this year too…as a matter Of fact, I plan to embed his video on my FYI Only Ning…Shortly!
    [I especially, like the fact, that he included actor Robert “Bob” Mitchum, in the clip…Since he is featured prominently, on my Ning.]

    By the way, All Of the planned give-aways by you, The Self-Styled Siren, and author Eddie Muller are…great!
    Thanks, for sharing and good luck!

    Sam Juliano, Thanks for “tipping” your fedora in my direction too!]
    DeeDee 😉

  • Gautam Valluri spoke:
    3rd/02/2011 to 3:15 pm

    Hi Marilyn/ Rod,

    I’m there.

    Looking forward to contributing.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    3rd/02/2011 to 3:38 pm

    Good to hear from you, Gautam, and thanks!

  • Christian Esquevin spoke:
    3rd/02/2011 to 4:32 pm

    Fabulous Marilyn! I’ll add my blog Silver Screen Modiste to the blogathon, where I’ll do a post on “Noir Love” featuring double photo portraits showing lovers from Noir movies.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    3rd/02/2011 to 7:44 pm

    Wonderful to have you on board, Christian. We love a good pictorial, and noir yields some of the best.

  • Caroline Shapiro spoke:
    4th/02/2011 to 2:55 am

    My blog, Garbo Laughs, will be participating too!

  • Neil spoke:
    4th/02/2011 to 8:54 am

    I’m there… Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I’ll do something. Seriously.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    4th/02/2011 to 8:56 am

    Caroline and Neil – Terrific to have you on board. Neil, I’m not sure what I’M going to do yet! Ha ha.

  • Donna spoke:
    4th/02/2011 to 5:47 pm

    You already know I’m participating and thrilled to be. I’ll be posting on Sudden Fear, Faces of Film Noir and if I can work up to it, Sunset Bouvelvard to tie it back into silent films in a roundabout way.

  • DeeDee spoke:
    4th/02/2011 to 7:54 pm

    Hi! Marilyn….
    Here to remind your readers, that they can get the word out about yours, The Self-Styled Siren, and Greg Ferrara’s “For The Love Of Film(Noir)” blogathon…Over there on Twitter and Tumblr Where Film Noir Lives Two
    too…I know that you, and The Self-Styled Siren, is getting the word out about the blogathon over there on Facebook.
    DeeDee ;;)

  • John Weagly spoke:
    5th/02/2011 to 8:04 pm

    I’ll be participating on my blog, “Captain Spaulding on Skull Island.”

  • Joe Thompson spoke:
    5th/02/2011 to 10:39 pm

    Marilyn: Thank you and the Siren for taking all the trouble to host another blogathon. I’m working on my article on the roots of film noir. I just have to get away from a femme fatale who has been trying to get me to — never mind.

  • Craig Simpson spoke:
    7th/02/2011 to 8:46 am

    Thanks for including me on the list, Marilyn. One correction: It’s actually Craig Simpson of The Man From Porlock, not “Craig Porlock.” Truth be told I’ve never been crazy about my actual surname, but looks like I’m stuck with it. 😉

  • Cathy Whitlock spoke:
    7th/02/2011 to 11:28 am

    I am there as well! My blog is Cinema Style and my new book which of course covers film noir is Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction!

  • R. Emmet Sweeney spoke:
    7th/02/2011 to 3:30 pm

    I’ll be contributing at TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog. Can’t wait.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    7th/02/2011 to 3:41 pm

    Cathy – Great! We love the look of noir, of course!

    Sweeney – So wonderful to have a Movie Morlock involved. Looking forward to your contribution.

  • SeanAx spoke:
    7th/02/2011 to 5:57 pm

    Count Parallax View in. I’ll be posting a couple of pieces and have thrown out a challenge to our contributors to come up with something.

  • The Zoe spoke:
    8th/02/2011 to 4:08 pm

    If this and only this suffices, let me : ‘I’m there’.

  • KC spoke:
    9th/02/2011 to 7:21 pm

    I’m coming in a bit late, but yes, I’d love to participate!

    KC, Classic Movies

  • SeanAx spoke:
    10th/02/2011 to 12:33 pm

    Also add in the MSN DVD blog Videodrone.

  • Mk spoke:
    12th/02/2011 to 10:11 am

    Oh I’m so in! My blog is small, but I’m relentless when I need to be. XD

  • Marilyn spoke:
    12th/02/2011 to 10:27 am

    Welcome aboard, Mk. We need all the relentless people we can get!

  • Christa Faust spoke:
    12th/02/2011 to 4:07 pm

    Count me in!

  • WB Kelso spoke:
    14th/02/2011 to 2:20 am

    Here’s my first (of hopefully many) contribution(s) to the retrospective.
    Not too good with the words, so I’ll leave that up to others more qualified, but I’m bringing plenty of art.

  • Mr. K spoke:
    14th/02/2011 to 2:28 am

    Just wanted to post the link to my write-up of Fritz Lang’s Hangmen Also Die for Film Noir blog-a-thon:

  • The Zoe spoke:

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