First Look: Wikio Rankings for March

Every month, Wikio gives one of its blogs an exclusive chance to break the news of its top rankings for the month. This month, Ferdy on Films was chosen to publish the results, and we’re pleased as punch to have moved up to #11 in the rankings. I’d like to think that the Film Preservation Blogathon and our new look contributed to our higher profile. Rod and I will continue our striving for excellence, and we congratulate the other worthy bloggers who have made the top 20, including our good buddies Greg Ferrara and Ed Howard:

1 Deadline Hollywood Daily
2 /Film
3 MTV Movies Blog
4 Cinematical
6 Twitch
7 Film School Rejects
8 Cartoon Brew
9 Trek Movie Report
10 Busfilm
11 Ferdy on Films, etc.
12 The House Next Door
13 Some Came Running
14 ASIFA – Hollywood Animation Archive
15 Upcoming Pixar
16 The IFC Blog
17 Cinema Styles
18 Michael Sporn Animation – Splog
19 Observations on Film Art
20 Only The Cinema

Ranking by Wikio

  • admin spoke:
    3rd/03/2010 to 8:19 am

    congrats! this is awesome. I’ll have to check out some of these other blogs as well. How can my blog get on this list? heheheh 😉

  • Kendra spoke:
    3rd/03/2010 to 8:20 am

    oops, that was me ^^ I was accidentally still signed in to your admin account.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    3rd/03/2010 to 8:22 am

    Kendra, honestly, I don’t know how one gets on the list. Maybe you have to sign up with Wikio. I might have done that a zillion years ago; I don’t remember.

  • Greg F spoke:
    2nd/03/2010 to 5:37 pm

    No, you don’t need to sign up. It’s a ranking of film related blogs based on external links to those blogs, estimated readership, google and other search engine results, etc. that is calculated monthly so a big event can affect your ranking just as taking too much time off can affect it as well.

    Each system ranks a bit differently. On Technorati, Cinema Styles is 14 this week and I’m 17 with Wikio.

  • Rod spoke:
    2nd/03/2010 to 6:45 pm

    I…wish I knew what this meant. (Joke…mostly)

  • Kendra spoke:
    2nd/03/2010 to 6:48 pm

    it was kind of a joke, but thanks for the info anyway! 🙂

  • Sam Juliano spoke:
    3rd/03/2010 to 11:53 am

    Marilyn and Rod:

    Congratulations on a ranking well-earned and deserved. And likewise, kudos to Ed Howard and Greg Ferrara on finishing in the top 20. That is a staggering accomplishment when one considers that there are hundreds of thousands of film blogs out there. I know the level of erudition here (and at the other two places) is top-drawer, and the work you’ve done with the prolific parade of scholarly film reviews, the recent blogothon and the gorgeous make-over are no doubt major factors. But there’s a real chemistry at this place, and I tip my cap to one and all for the tireless and passionate output!

  • Marilyn spoke:
    3rd/03/2010 to 12:16 pm

    Here’s to chemisty, which you add to, Sam. Thanks!

  • Doug Bonner spoke:
    7th/03/2010 to 6:47 pm

    Congrats! To quote Vivien Leigh in GWTW, I’m “pea-green with envy.”

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