Be the Cannes You Want to See

By Marilyn Ferdinand

Media creatures come and go, we all know that. It used to be that you couldn’t open a magazine or even check your e-mail without Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian posing their little hearts out at some event or other as part of the news of the day. Now where are they? People with no apparent purpose other than to be seen almost always have a short shelf life.

But not always. It has come as a genuine shock that Cannes Man Jacques D’Azur is not expected to attend the 2010 Cannes Film Festival due to the fact that his earthly shelf life appears to have run out. His disappearance over a Pacific atoll is as mysterious as his appearance on the cultural scene. In fact, his parentage cannot be determined, leading some to question whether he ever really was who people thought he was. In fact, you or I could easily take his place—at Cannes or as an overnight celebrity. Stranger things have happened.

As it turns out, Ferdy on Films readers have a chance to attend Cannes in the style Jacques D’Azur would have become accustomed to had he ever really existed. The contest to become the new Cannes Man or Woman is a clever media event, and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun to have been brought in on it to benefit my readers.

What might you win?

• Round-trip, first-class airfare for the winner and one guest to attend Cannes
• Five-star double-occupancy hotel accommodations for two nights
• Two tickets to an opening or closing gala at the Palm D”Or Awards
• VIP festival screenings
• Transportation to and from departing and arriving airport
• A personally tailored suit or dress for the winner
• All meals and beverages
• Two entertainment activities for the winner and guest
• One goodie bag

Now isn’t this better this a Google ad?

Go to the Jacques D’Azur Facebook page or here for the contest link. (And women, don’t worry that you might be considered “husband” material—well, you’ll see what I mean.) l

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