Tough Guys DO Dance!


By Marilyn Ferdinand

Dancing isn’t considered a very manly thing to do among a lot of regular guys. So when I beat the drum to get more cinephiles—of whom the majority are male—interested in dance in movies, not many respond. Well, if you won’t listen to me, will you listen to Mr. Badass Yakusa himself, Takeshi Kitano, aka, Beat Takeshi? He’s not fooling around here.

  • Krauthammer spoke:
    15th/09/2009 to 7:01 pm

    Dancing is awesome and badass when you’re good at it, yes.

  • Rod spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 12:50 am

    Hey, this is the guy who turned a Zatoichi film into a musical (sheer genius, by the way).

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 8:35 am

    He’s actually known in Japan more as part of a comedy duo than as a movie star. He directed the very sweet A Scene by the Sea, which I reviewed here some time ago. But Shane likes his Yakusa films best.

  • Greg F spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 11:03 am

    I used to think he was tough and manly but now that I’ve seen him dance I realize he can’t be… because tough guys don’t dance. Thanks for the heads up Marilyn! (sorry, didn’t have time to read the post, just saw the video – assuming you put it up to illustrate that dancing is kind of girly, right?)

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 11:06 am

    Greg, did you see how mean he looked when he danced? I thought he might have razor-sharp taps that he loosens and flings at sleeping audience members.

  • MovieMan0283 spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 11:34 am

    Well for what it’s worth – and I like shootouts too, I swear! – I think dancing can be one of the best uses of film out there, whether it’s Michael Jackson in a music video, Fred Astaire in a musical, or a million-strong chorus in a Busby Berkeley acid trip. I count the truly great dances as some of the most sublime moments in cinema…true exploitation of the appeal of movement which lies at the heart of the art form’s appeal.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 2:49 pm

    MovieMan – How true, how true. I’d love to see someone do a really thorough review of camera movement and dance. I always pay attention, but it’s not always easy to sum up the nuances.

  • Mykal Banta spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 6:10 pm

    Marilyn: I may have to rethink my stance on public dancing. I have always remained seated with arms folded across chest while the ladies danced. Now? Well, if it’s good enough for Beat
    Takeshi, it’s good enough for me. — Mykal

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 7:25 pm

    Dude!!! Way to go!

  • Peter Nellhaus spoke:
    16th/09/2009 to 11:15 pm

    Conversely, check out Tony Jaa in Ong Bak, and tell me he’s not Nijinski the way he defies gravity. And speaking of Muay Thai action movies, Jeeja, the star of Chocolate also formally studied dance.

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