The Break that Refreshes: Gloria Grahame


By Marilyn Ferdinand

I see Jonathan has been up to his old tricks again. I went over to his place a while back to complain about the hubby leaving me alone, too—saying he was going out to get more soap for the rug shampooer and then disappearing for a few hours. Jonathan pretended to be all innocent and everything, but he had that story about killing Arbogast in his back pocket, only when he told it to me, he had a knife and sent Arbo plummeting backward down the stairs. What did he take me for, a chump? I watch Hitchcock movies. I’m no sucker. Sad to say, Helen fell for his cheap seductions. You just take what you want, Jonathan, you don’t ask permission. You won’t get away with it much longer, you pirate!

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)

  • Jonathan Lapper spoke:
    17th/01/2009 to 5:38 pm

    Way I figure it, I ain’t after Helen’s heart or soul, just her body. In my book, that means I ain’t usin’ the whole thing, just parts. Parts I used to make a point. A point about whose got the power and who don’t. In other words baby, fair use applies. Read it and weep.

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