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By Marilyn Ferdinand

One thing that doesn’t happen much around here is a shout-out to other blogs. I read them, of course, but rarely do I call attention to some of the more interesting moments I’ve had. This month, there are a number of blogs I’ve been getting a kick out of, participated in, or kicked out at. Here they are in no particular order:

Mrs. Emma Peel (Justine Smith) at the House of Mirth and Movies has compiled a list of 100 films she calls the Unofficial Female Film Canon. She says, “I decided to make this list, because often looking at consensus and canonical lists, the film is dominated by films exploring or interested mostly in male protagonists. … I’m still not sure what I qualify an ‘essential’ film about women, I hope my list presents a huge cross-section of different kinds of women and experiences, but at the very least I’m looking for films that have at least one female protagonist, which rules out a lot of films that may have interesting or strong female supporting characters and roles unfortunately. I’m also not attempting to paint only a positive portrait of womanhood, I think many of these film reveal many imperfect, even downright cruel women… but that is part of a reality.”

I’m not entirely sure what this list is supposed to accomplish, and I think the criteria are still kind of fuzzy, but I applaud Justine’s considerable effort in compiling this list and look forward to further refinements. Suggestions are gratefully solicited.

stateclinton-palin-b.jpgThose feisty Tennessee Guerilla Women report that HBO is making a movie about the 2008 election. “Goddess only knows who they will come up with to play Hillary and Sarah. Let’s see, we need an ambitious ball-buster and an ambitious dumb broad. Tracy Flick and Tracy Flick. Ideas? Drop your ideas for leading ladies in the comments and I’ll post them in a poll.” Sounds like fun.

Ibetolis (Ric Burke) of Film for the Soul has started a fascinating project called Counting Down the Zeroes and has inaugurated a new blog to house the content. Contributors are invited to write reviews of the best films of the 00s. I’ve gotten involved in it as have many of the best film bloggers out there. It’s a big job compiling lists of worthy films and coordinating contributions, and so far, Ibetolis has done an amazing job. Take a look.

chaplincello.jpgAccording to Swedish blogger Jonas Nordin, “I just wasn’t made for these times.” His blog All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! is a real delight for fans of silents and early talkies. Take a look at this great photo of Charlie Chaplin. He currently has an appreciation of Garbo called When Greta Gustafsson Changed Her Name. Browse the site and enjoy.

I’m not a fan of the Oscars, or awards in general, but most film fans are. One of them is Nathaniel R., who does some early handicapping for 2009 at The Film Experience. See if you agree.

A lot of us have taken part in the 10 Favorite Character Meme, but nobody has blown through the rules to create a long list of fascinating characters, that is, until MovieMan decided to do so at The Dancing Image. Just Because You Are a Character Doesn’t Mean You Have Character is heavy on those delicious villains we all hate ourselves for loving.


Greencine Daily tackles what it calls a faux controversy regarding the was-it-or-wasn’t-it-rape sequence in Observe and Report. “Now, why didn’t it occur to me this would strike most people as date rape? Mainly because Brandi isn’t a real person,” says article author Vadim Rizov. I admit I got more than a little hot under the collar about this one. Take a look and decide what you think.

Peter Nellhaus at Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee takes double entendre to new heights in his keen analysis of love among the brown shirts in Fucking Nazis. His observations are right-on as ever. Scroll just below his article for a stunning photo of Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love. l

  • Greg F. spoke:
    15th/04/2009 to 12:14 pm

    Your burning ball of gas retort is priceless.

  • Fox spoke:
    15th/04/2009 to 12:37 pm

    I don’t know if this is the same movie, but I heard that HBO was thinking of doing a movie where Julianne Moore would play Hillary Clinton. But I think that was more about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

  • Fox spoke:
    15th/04/2009 to 12:53 pm

    Oh… and Marilyn… this isn’t related to one of your above links, but it’s related to you since you’re from Illinois and you have a Blago fixation (j/k).
    Did you see that Blago is joining a celebrity reality show where he will get (at least) $60K an episode???

  • Marilyn spoke:
    15th/04/2009 to 1:52 pm

    I heard about it: “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” I don’t believe he’ll do it, because he insisted on flying back to Chicago every night from Springfield, and often never even made it into the state office. If he can’t work that out with producers, it’s no go. If he can’t find someone to shake down, he’ll lose for sure. Also, I predict that without hairspray and an on-call barber, he will attempt to drown himself.

  • MovieMan0283 spoke:
    15th/04/2009 to 9:56 pm

    Thanks for the thumbs-up (and the other great recommendations). Out of curiosity, which blog did you get “kicked out of”…or was that just a joke (if so, I’m disappointed)…

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/04/2009 to 8:08 am

    No, I think you misread that. I didn’t get kicked out of any blog – I kicked the author at Greencine Daily around. When it appeared that we were headed for another Dude Nation argument – one I’m not interested in fighting anymore – I took off.

  • Fox spoke:
    16th/04/2009 to 10:38 am

    Dammit… I was gonna start a brother site to Ferdy on Films called Dude Nation, (sigh) but that sounds like a bad idea now.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/04/2009 to 10:41 am

    Ha ha. I don’t let up on you guys at all, do I?

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