Roger Ebert’s Film Festival 2009

Roger Ebert’s Film Festival 2009


A Champaign Cocktail for All
By Marilyn Ferdinand
Today is opening day for Roger Ebert’s Film Festival 2009, better known as Ebertfest. I couldn’t get away to sample the first spectacular film, Woodstock: The Director’s Cut, but the hubby and I will be there the rest of the fest to bring you all the fun, films, and festivities. The schedule is listed below. It is my goal to write up every film (we’ll see how long I last!) and try to give you a flavor of the Q&As. I have seen all but one of the Saturday films; you’ll find my links to my reviews of the three I did see and I’ll concentrate on writing up the Q&As for those films. Next week, I hope to have videos of some of the Q&As, if I can figure out how to post them. So, please stop by all week to see what’s going on in Champaign.
Thursday, April 23
2008_0627_MyWinnipeg.jpgMy Winnipeg. Guest: Guy Maddin, director
Chop Shop. Guest: Ramin Bahrani, director
Trouble the Water. Guests: directors and producers Tia Lessin, Carl Deal, Kimberly Roberts, and Scott Roberts
Friday, April 24
images-2.jpegBegging Naked. Guest: Karen Gehres, director
The Last Command. Silent film accompaniment: The Alloy Orchestra
Frozen River. Guests: Courtney Hunt, director, and Misty Upham, actor
Saturday, April 25
images%20a.jpegThe Fall. Guest: Catinca Untaru, actor
Sita Sings the Blues. Guest: Nina Paley, director, writer, animator
Nothing But the Truth. Guests: Rod Lurie, director, and Matt Dillon, actor
Let the Right One In. Guest: Carl Molinder, producer
Sunday, April 26
images-1.jpegBaraka. Guests: Mark Magidson, producer, and Ron Fricke, director

  • Pat spoke:
    22nd/04/2009 to 12:47 pm

    Marilyn – I will very much look forward to your posts from Ebertfest, particularly to see what you think of “Frozen River.” I loved it, although it received mixed reviews elsewhere.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    22nd/04/2009 to 1:41 pm

    Thanks, Pat. I am a huge fan of Melissa Leo, so I’m very much looking forward to it. Too bad she won’t be a guest of the fest.

  • Greg F. spoke:
    23rd/04/2009 to 6:30 am

    The Last Command was released on videotape years ago I remember but still no DVD. I’d love to see it with the Alloy Orchestra which, if I recall correctly from you saying in a comment about a showing of Underworld, is a three piece electronic group.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    23rd/04/2009 to 7:52 am

    That wasn’t my comment, but, yes, they are a 3-piece orchestra and have been playing for Ebertfest silent films for quite a few years now. I’m not really aware of The Last Command, so I’m very excited to discover something completely new to me. In fact, several of these films are ones I’m only vaguely aware of.

  • fox spoke:
    24th/04/2009 to 2:05 am

    I haven’t liked any of the Guy Maddin’s films I’ve seen so far, but I’ve heard that My Winnipeg is one for people who haven’t been a fan of his earliest stuff.
    For some reason I it’s only available on DVD at Blockbuster??? Don’t know why. Anyway, I’ll be anxious to read your thoughts on it.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    24th/04/2009 to 7:37 am

    Fox – I’m not the biggest fan of Maddin, but I love Careful and Cowards Bend the Knee. I’m having trouble keeping up with reviews, so you may not see the review immediately. But I will do it. Quickly, My Winnipeg would have been just another Guy Maddin movie for me if he hadn’t been here and said every historical event in it was true. You can’t believe some of the stuff he shows.

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