Our Backstreets #26: All the World’s a Dardo and We Merely Dardites


By Marilyn Ferdinand

There’s something going around the online world that’s even more viral than the Valentine’s Day virus from a few years back. I’m talking, of course, about the Dardos Awards. Never having heard of them until I was presented with one by blogger extraordinaire Jonathan Lapper, I found it a rather strange sensation to have actually won something, or kind of. See, I never win anything. Whenever there’s any kind of raffle, drawing, or other event of chance, I make the hubby enter it. He always wins stuff. I don’t even try anymore. Maybe that’s the secret. Or maybe I just intimidated Jonathan with my Amazon warrior cry. Yup, probably.

Anyway, so what did I win? Well, it’s not as good as wealth beyond my wildest dreams nor as bad as those parting gifts they give game show losers. Actually, it’s a pat on the back. A very nice pat on the back. A solid-gold pat on the back:

“The Dardos Award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.”

Dardos winners must do the following:

1) Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person who has granted the award and a link to his/her blog.

2) Pass the award to another five blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.
I’ve made some great comrades among film bloggers, some of whom I would gladly name for a Dardos Award if someone else hadn’t named them first. I do have a couple of film bloggers that richly deserve this award, as well as bloggers in other subject areas. I’ve cheated and named six because I just couldn’t cut any of these great blogs. In alphabetical order:


One of the most knowledgable film bloggers I can think of is Peter Nellhaus. His blog, Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee, reflects his vast cinematic experience, particularly his specialty in Asian films. He gets a lot of views, I’m sure. What he doesn’t get are a lot of comments—it’s because you’re way ahead of us, Peter.


Nick Plowman makes me sick! How can a high school kid be so damned talented, intelligent, and productive? Fataculture is a great blog no matter how much Nick obsesses about not keeping up with the “big guns.” He could splatter most other blogs to bits with his x-ray vision or whatever it is that keeps him going.


Daniel Getahun consistently provides great, thoughtful, self-questioning content on Getafilm. He keeps me current on what’s new in the film universe and has the most ingenious film-rating system I’ve seen. Sometimes I even think I can hear his great “Minnesota, eh” accent through the screen. (You do have one of those, don’t you, Daniel?)


I met Anna Brady Nurse from Move the Frame when I invited her to participate in the Invitation to the Dance Movie Blogathon I held last May. I really wanted to get some dance bloggers involved, and she was eager to join in. She does a great job of promoting New York City’s Kinetic Cinema and admirably fulfills her more general mission statement: Where Dance Meets the Camera.


The Tennessee Guerilla Women have been fighting the good fight for women in Tennessee and around the world. Some feminist sites are bitter, some are funny and bitter, some are confused. These women just tell it like it is with style, relevance, and wit. Onward sister suffragettes, or something like that.


Joe Valdez at This Distracted Globe does something I’ve never seen on any other blog: he provides a comprehensive production history of every film he reviews. He’s started to do the same with unsung character actors and actresses as well, with whom he probably identifies. Joe keeps a low profile, but I’m here to expose him to all the world! Get used to it, Joe. You’re about to be really appreciated. l

  • Jonathan Lapper spoke:
    16th/01/2009 to 12:28 pm

    Excellent choices. I’m unfamiliar with many but I’m going to check them out. And doesn’t anyone have a full size pic of that award? I still don’t know what it says or what it is.

  • Moviezzz spoke:
    16th/01/2009 to 12:39 pm

    Great pick with This Distracted Globe.
    I don’t care what the film is, if I have seen it or not, his reviews are always interesting and I always learn something.

  • Marilyn spoke:
    16th/01/2009 to 12:40 pm

    Jonathan – This is the largest I could find. The typewriter made it clearer. The name of the award in whatever language that is and the year (2008). Then it says, “Best blog Darts thinker.”

  • Jonathan Lapper spoke:
    16th/01/2009 to 1:39 pm

    I just tried to find out where it started by clicking back links on blogs I found on google that had received it. I got as far as September, 08 but I still don’t know who started it. But Premio Dardos means “Prize Darts” in Italian. I did find that out.

  • Peter Nellhaus spoke:
    17th/01/2009 to 7:06 am

    Sacheen Littlefeather is currently in hiding. I accept the Dardos Award on my behalf anyways. Thanks, Marilyn.

  • Joe Valdez spoke:
    17th/01/2009 to 2:26 pm

    Thanks so much for this stellar write-up, Marilyn. I find it interesting how much of a writer’s true personality comes across on their website; I never knew my low key nature was so transparent.
    If you could provide me any tips on how to become more popular on the Internet, I would welcome it. Until then, I will go back to styling my life around Viggo Mortensen’s.

  • Anna Brady Nuse spoke:
    19th/01/2009 to 1:55 pm

    Thanks for this honor Marilyn! I look forward to passing on the award to some other deserving bloggers. My admiration for you is mutual. Keep on keeping on!

  • Marilyn spoke:
    19th/01/2009 to 2:19 pm

    Peter, Joe, Anna – You’re all welcome. Believe me, it’s my pleasure entirely.

  • Daniel spoke:
    22nd/01/2009 to 5:21 pm

    So my publicist called me as I was on the way out of town for the weekend, informing me that I had just received this award. Unfortunately, my private jet had no internet access, so it’s taken me this long to return and deliver my acceptance speech, which goes something like this: “Really? Me?”
    This is truly an honor, Marilyn, and I’ll be happy to pass it on. It’s been no small wonder to me that out of the thousands and thousands of people writing about movies on the internet (for pay or for fun), I seem to have stumbled upon the most thought-provoking, respectful, intelligent group of them – in just over a year.
    Oh…and as much as I claim all the aspects of Minneapolitan film culture up here in the Great White North, my disdain for the local accent is a bit of a liability when it comes to having discussions with people about movies. Hence, my presence here.

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