2006 Chicago International Film Festival

By Marilyn Ferdinand

I’m at the CIFF for the next two weeks, so Ferdy on Films won’t see too much activity until after the show is over. If you want to catch my reviews of the films I will be seeing there, go to The Beachwood Reporter . I’ve already seen a couple of outstanding films and am looking forward to the variety of documentaries and feature films I have lined up, as well as one silent film, Chicago (1927). l

  • Mark spoke:
    19th/10/2006 to 12:21 am

    You know, when you go there, maybe I can stop by to meet you and say hello. Does the “L” travel there?Mark

  • Carol S. spoke:
    24th/10/2006 to 8:05 pm

    Marilyn, My name is Carol Seymour. I enjoyed reading your article in the Beachwood Reporter on Chicago Int’l Film Fest’s 10/18 screening of the silent film “Chicago.” Excellent summary & analysis of the film, and thanks for your appreciation of the musical accompaniment. My husband, David Drazin, is the pianist. Dave was very pleased when I showed him your article. There was no mainstream media advance publicity on either Dave’s or David Robinson’s appearance, so I looked online and spotted your 10/5 recommendation of “Chicago” as a must-see silent film. The Thorne Auditorium has a grand piano behind the screen, but it would have cost the fest extra to set up a monitor on the piano similar to what’s at the Siskel Center. That’s why Dave played his own portable electric piano. Wouldn’t it be great if UCLA sent “Chicago” on the road? Collector Rusty Casselton’s 16mm copy has been screened occasionally, but the UCLA 35mm restored print looks terrific. Thanks again for your support! Sincerely,Carol SeymourDavid Drazin,jazz, ballet and silent film pianistwww.kendavies.net/daviddrazin/

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